Origin of Abbiate

It derives from the toponym of Abbiategrasso in the Milanese area. It may also derive from the late Latin aviaticus, passed into the Lombard dialect as abbiaticus with the meaning of "son of the daughter", of which Abbiati would be a truncation.

The surname Abbiati is typical of the Milan area.

  1. Italy Italy
  2. Argentina Argentina
  3. United States United States
  4. Brazil Brazil
  5. France France
  6. England England

The surname Abbiate. Genealogy, origin, history, meaning, and significance

We can try to trace the genealogy of the surname abbiate, and in addition to the original locations of abbiate, we can find out where people with the surname abbiate can currently be found. Adhering to what we know about the way surnames originated, it is possible to offer a realistic explanation of the origins of abbiate.

The surname Abbiate around the world

The mobility of people carrying the surname abbiate has led to its presence in different countries, as you can verify.

History of Abbiate

The history, heraldry, coats of arms, and possible nobility of the surname abbiate are scattered in documents across various regions and historical periods, so it is necessary to reconstruct a complex puzzle to approach the facts from a realistic perspective. In the following lines, you will find everything we have been able to gather about the surname abbiate.

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Notable Figures Named Abbiate

A surname like abbiate can connect a person to an illustrious lineage and a distinguished coat of arms. However, it must be kept in mind that it is individual people who, through their lives and actions, bring fame and recognition to their surnames. If you or someone you know bears the surname abbiate, you could potentially build illustrious lineages through your efforts and virtues.

The surname Abbiate and its bibliographic sources

We consider it highly advisable to refer to the following sources if you wish to conduct research on the surname abbiate, as well as many other surnames. Accessing the archives of the town or towns where your ancestors were born and lived is, of course, a good way to trace the origins of abbiate.


These sources are essential for initiating the understanding of abbiate, and at the same time, of surnames in general.

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