Origin of Carwardine

This is a very interesting surname. It is English and locational, but is often thought to be Celtic and Welsh. In fact it originates from a village called Carden in the county of Cheshire, near the town of Malpas. This place which does not seem to be recorded in the 'Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names', a surprising omission, was originally recorded as Kawrdin. This is from the pre 7th century 'carr' meaning a rock, and 'wordign', a farm or enclosed area. In fact the village name may refer to a fortified farm perhaps built of stone or situated on a rock.

It is said that there was castle at the village in ancient times, and this was replaced by a manor house in about 1640, although in turn this was burnt down in 1912. The surname is equally ancient, and being locational may refer either to the original lord of the manor and his descendants or to people who left the village, and moved elsewhere, being given for easy identification, the name of their former home. The first recording is believed to be that of Richard de Carwardyn in the accounts of the chamberlains of the county of Cheshire in the year 1302.

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The surname Carwardine. Genealogy, origin, history, meaning, and significance

We can try to trace the genealogy of the surname carwardine, and in addition to the original locations of carwardine, we can find out where people with the surname carwardine can currently be found.

The surname Carwardine around the world

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History of Carwardine

The history, heraldry, coats of arms, and possible nobility of the surname carwardine are scattered in documents across various regions and historical periods, so it is necessary to reconstruct a complex puzzle to approach the facts from a realistic perspective.

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Notable Figures Named Carwardine

A surname like carwardine can connect a person to an illustrious lineage and a distinguished coat of arms. However, it must be kept in mind that it is individual people who, through their lives and actions, bring fame and recognition to their surnames.

The surname Carwardine and its bibliographic sources

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